What is a Moses basket used for?

A Moses basket is portable, comfortable, safe and secure place for your newborn to rest or sleep

What are the dimensions of the actual basket?

Baskets are handwoven and vary in measurements, please see description in each item listed

How many months and to what weight can my baby be in a Moses basket

Up to 3 months, 18 pounds or if the baby can push up & roll over

How do I clean the Moses basket?

Using a clean cloth with mild soap and water to clean the surface where basket is dirty. Leave basket uncovered to air dry.  Do not put cover back on until basket is completely dry.

Can I purchase individual pieces for any of my Wendy Anne products?

Yes. Fitted sheets, wool puddle pads, futons, mattresses and extra bedding are available.

How should I store my Moses basket after I am finished using it for my baby?

Your Moses basket comes complete with a plastic zipper storage bag.  Place basket back in bag and store in a cool dry place. My hope is it will become one of your “family's heirloom” like it was with ours.  If you do not have a bag or need an extra zipper bag they are available for purchase on our website

How do I wash or care for my Shnuggy Baby blanket?

Hand washing if possible and air dry to keep the shape of the “swirly-curly” look of your Shnuggy blanket.  If you use a washing machine, please use the delicate cycle, cool water and very mild soap.  Air dry or tumble on very low heat.