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Wendy Anne

Simple Burp Cloth - Organic Cotton Gauze

Simple Burp Cloth - Organic Cotton Gauze

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Baby essential for our little ones. Good for wiping up spit ups, spills and great for burping.

Use for shoulder protection as well as a soft cushion for your baby’s head.

Fabric is 100% organic cotton double gauze with 2 layers.

A single layer of gauze is a very loose weave, almost transparent. When doubled it creates a nice thin double layer.

We use 2 double layers – making it a “4 layers of gauze”

Size:  10x18 inches after washing. Gauze will be crinkly and scrunches with washing and use.

Use: during feeding, for burping and makes a soft cushion for baby delicate head, absorbent for unexpected messes

Care:  Machine wash in COLD water with mild detergent (fabric softener can be used). Tumble dry on low heat (high heat may damage fibers). No bleach

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